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GEM Marketing file upload and download system is designed to enable quick and easy management of files. You can upload and download files through the use of an internet browser requiring no installation of software or the use of often blocked plug-ins.

Users need to register and have a live account before they can access the system.

For reliable ease of use of this service we recommend that use have the latest version of Internet Explorer or Firefox installed. MAC users should only use Firefox.

Please note that anti spam software may intercept vital automatic emails so please check any spam folders for emails before contacting us.

User Registration

Enter all the required information into the registration form. Please make sure that the entered email address is valid and correct. When you have completed the form click the Register button.

Within a few minutes you will receive an email with a link to click that will confirm your email address. Please make sure you click this link as your account cannot be made live until this procedure is complete. Remember to keep this email with your password.

Please note: If you do not receive any emails from this system they are most likely being caught in a spam filter. You will need to contact your administrator and make sure that all emails from us are allowed.

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Security Code

The security code is in place to help stop possible automated submissions to the system. If you enter the code incorrectly the forms will retain all the entered information, so simply re-enter the code.

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Logging in

You must login using your email address and the password provided in the first email. If you have lost this email and password you can recover it by using the Lost Password link.

Once logged in you can change your password to one you can easily remember.

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Lost Password

If you have lost or forgotten your password you can get the system to re-create a password that will be sent to you in an email.

Click the Lost Password link and enter the email address entered when you registered and the security code.

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My Account Page

When you are logged in the first page you will see is the My Account page.

This page contains information about your account, uploaded files, downloaded files and from time to time notes that we may post for you.

This page may change in the future to contain more features that are often suggested by clients.

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Change Password

If you would like to change the generated password you were issued with to one you can easily remember, click the Change Password button in the My Account page.

You will need to enter your existing or old password and your new password twice.
The new password must only be numbers or letters with no spaces.

Once complete click the Submit button. You will need to login using your new password

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File Upload

You can select up to ten files to upload in one go but we recommend that you use compression software like WinZip to gather all the file in one zipped folder. This will also mean the files are smaller and upload faster.

Click the Select Files button and locate the files or file you wish to upload to GEM Marketing. For selecting multiple files hold the control key down and click the files you wish to upload.

If you would like to send some notes attached to the upload simply type or copy and paste the text into the "Attach notes to upload" box provided.

When complete click the Upload button and the page will display a progress indicator. Make sure you do not close the page or shut the computer down until the upload is complete.

When complete this will be indicated by a file upload report. When this page is displayed you may logout and close the page.

Please note: The speed of the upload will depend entirely on the upstream speed of your internet connection. Often people believe that the upstream speed is the same as the downstream but it rarely is. If you have a 8MB internet connection you can expect the upstream speed to be less than 0.5MB.

Please bare this in mind when uploading large files.

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MAC Users

Special Notes On Packaging Fonts

On occasions we receive an upload where the packaged fonts are corrupted. If the font is not in our library we will not be able to proceed with the processing. The following information for MAC users will make sure fonts are not corrupted before sending.

Macintosh OS9 Users: Compress the fonts using Stuffit into a .SIT file before sending or copying to a disk.

Macintosh OSX Users: Compress the fonts by right-clicking (or control-click) the folder with the fonts, then choose "Create Archive" from the contextual menu.

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Supplying Print Ready PDFs

Images and logos should be of a high enough resolution for conventional output. Colour and Greyscale images should be 300dpi plus. Bitmap logos should be 1000dpi plus.

Colour images should be converted to CMYK.

If a page has bleed the PDF should include this and have an even border all round. For example, an A4 page as PDF should be 230mm x 317mm giving 10mm outside of all trims. Include trims on PDF wherever possible so we know final size of job.

Embed any Fonts with the PDF.

Supply the pdf as one complete document, single pages in running order, not spreads or printer's pairs.

Recomended PDF set up in Distiller for output to Canon Digital is:

Press Quality
RGB = AdobeRGB
CMYK = ISOCoated v2
Relative Colorimetric and convert all colours to CMYK.

Recomended PDF set up for print output with InDesign is:

Acrobat 7.0 compatible
Downsample images to 300 pixels per inch with Zip compression
Do not downsample monochrome images
Crop marks and 3mm bleed to pages

Recomended PDF set up for print output with Quark is:

Don't use compression unless file is particularly large, then use
Automatic Zip/jpeg high with monochrome images on Zip.
Keep resoltion as supplied
Crop marks and 3mm bleed to pages
If spot colours are used, output as CMYK and spot and check colours are correct.

If you are unsure of settings please call Nick at GEM Marketing Print on 01892 664288

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Log Out

When you have finished using GEM Marketing we recommend that you click the Log Out button. This will ensure that you have been logged off the system and also prevent others from accessing your information.

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